JD Kitchens Baths & More is Georgia's Premier Remodeling Kitchen & Bath Contractor according to all of the following customers reviews below;


You See ? When looking for a contractor, furniture store, appliance store, restaurant, or radiator repair shop, business owners know you look for reviews on line. Problem is...... How do you know they are REAL REVIEWS, and not just cleverly made up reviews by the owner's of the business themselves ???? 


Here is what you need to do, ( at least with contractor based business's). Forget looking at reviews on line. GET REFERENCES ! References are the best and only REAL accurate way of checking on a business. You see, references have telephone numbers that you can call and talk to real people. (at least they should!) Any legitimate business will have many references that have at least the area of town, phone #'s and information on them so they can be checked out and verified. Many of our customers that receive our package realize that we are providing so many verifiable references that they can randomly pick one or two from many pages, call and get a real person.


JD Kitchens Baths & More has been in business over 20 years, and with your presentation package, you will receive over 7 PAGES filled with our verifiable satisfied customers. You too will become a reference, with your permission, but not forever, as we add more customers, we drop off others, to give everybody only a certain period of participation. We Also protect our customers, and we only give our references out after our consultation with any new customer, and after we both decide to work together on their project. Upon presentation of the project, plans, pricing, computer drawings, and real life walk through, our customers receive a complete package containing many documents, to include but not limited to; state licensing, insurance, workmans comp. on our employee's, NARI Awards, and over Seven Pages of references.


So STOP WASTING YOUR TIME, and taking chances looking at everybody's Fake Reviews, and go to the source.




Give us a call, you will be glad you did.