New to the Raindance collection: Raindance Rainfall

Showering fun for the whole family

More room to move around in the bathroom: the Hansgrohe brand extends its range of shower systems. These guarantee a pleasurable shower experience for big and small, young and old alike. The RainAir rain shower combined with the RainFlow gush spray makes for a fantastic showering experience. The pre-assembled systems are also simple, quick and safe to install.

The RainAir overhead shower now comes with a new jet type: the RainFlow waterfall.

Experience a remarkable pleasurable shower experience with a new overhead shower system that comes with two jet types:

  • RainAir rain shower and RainFlow gush spray
  • Minimalist design with surfaces that are easy to clean
  • Fits in with the style of any bathroom
  • A great look at an attractive price
  • Simple, quick and safe installation on iBox Universal




Raindance Select showers

Select your Shower Pleasure – intuitive jet type selection

Simply switch the jet type with a simple click to enhance your showering pleasure: This is the philosophy behind the Raindance Select showers from Hansgrohe. These new sophisticated products are the ideal choice for all those who appreciate a convenient and pleasurable shower experience together with a timelessly modern bathroom design.

The top innovation under the shower: Select button on handshower and overhead shower

  • NEW: Raindance Select E 120 handshower with three jet types.  
    Whether soft drops (RainAir), a refreshing spray (Rain) or an invigorating massage (Whirl), you can enjoy the water experience of your choice – and all at the touch of a button.

Buttons as a new development in the design world

Hansgrohe is one of the first manufacturers in the branch to introduce the “touch of a button” concept to the bathroom. This operating philosophy is based on simplicity – for easy everyday routines. What used to be turned is now clicked. Rotary telephones have been replaced by keypads and rotary light knobs by switches. The automotive industry is phasing out key ignitions in favor of using buttons to start and stop the engine.

In addition to the innovative spray settings via Select button, the new Hansgrohe showers are designed with rounded corners and flowing forms. The showers are available in two surface types: Chrome or white/chrome