Innovative technology and great design combine to create a powerful, thoroughly drenching shower experience. Rainhead showerheads feature Katalyst™ technology, a revolutionary air induction system that makes each drop feel bigger and perform better. Available in three styles and a range of sizes and finishes, Rainhead showerheads deliver complete, even coverage.

Conceived from the form of a sail in the wind and Japanese ceramic tableware design, the Escale suite takes you on a journey of style to create a clean new look for your bathroom. A timeless classic, Escale combines flexibility with highly distinctive design. 

We invite you to explore the many facets and benefits of this new concept and see how you can transform your bathroom into a haven of wellness for you and your family

Make the quest for your wellness a reality

BainUltra’s Insperience Bathroom is about helping you create your private sanctuary in your home — a space devoted to your overall wellness. A room where time and outside pressure do not exist, a mindset where all your energies are focused on your vital inner force, and who you are. It’s about a human being creating a space, and not a space created by a human being.

What matters here is not a room’s limitations or the fixtures or objects used to furnish it, but rather the self-understanding that allows each one of us to make the right choices and to create the ideal space for our needs.

The combination of our therapies and our unique Therapy | Design | Architecture Triangle will help you determine and identify your physical, mental, emotional, and overall health needs.

You are the privileged vehicle by which you can achieve wellness and overall health. Gaining a more intimate knowledge of yourself and of your specific needs allows you to choose the best means to achieve this. Our aim is to accompany you along your personal path by proposing three different ways to transform your home into a sanctuary of serenity and positive energies.

Our products: the road to wellness

Your wellness starts at home, in your very haven on earth. Explore a new world of total wellness as we show you how to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary, an Insperience Bathroom.