Our products: the road to wellness

Your wellness starts at home, in your very haven on earth. Explore a new world of total wellness as we show you how to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary, an Insperience Bathroom.

The name BALNEO describes the art of bathing, embodying the rituals that help ease the tumult of modern living. With its refined design, this collection invites you to unwind in your own special space as time stands still and cares drift away


TEKURA means “taking care of yourself”. An expression of the art of living perfected by BainUltra, the TEKURA Collection invites you to be mindful of your physical, mental, emotional and energy needs. Its therapeutic virtues help you harmonize your strengths, while its design features adapt to your changing needs and its innovative architecture makes it a perfect fit for a wide range of spaces and décors.


A BainUltra innovation that intensifies the massage on the back of your legs while providing absolute comfort. Featured on all baths in the Ayoura, Amma and TMU series.

Advantage 1 of ThermoMasseur® Baths

An exceptional massage

A massage adapted to who you are to help you relax, soothe your aching muscles or re-energize you if you’re feeling worn out. In the BainUltra ThermoMasseur, you will be completely surrounded by air jets. The angle, size and orientation of the jets have been designed to create an effective full-body massage.

The original air jet system. Often copied, never equalled. Between 34 and 70 jets propel air into the water. Pressure is equally distributed throughout the bath, creating an all-encompassing sensation.

Heated backrest/headrest.

Only BainUltra provides an adjustable heating system that aids relaxation of your neck and back to provide greater comfort.

Inverted V backrest.

Yet another BainUltra innovation, the inverted V backrest ensures a perfect massage for your neck and spine. Featured on all baths in the Ayoura, Amma and TMU series, the inverted V shape reduces accumulated stress and helps you attain a higher state of relaxation.

Raised seat.

Hydro-thermo massage®, chromatherapy, aromatherapy and sound therapy® all contribute to making your ThermoMasseur experience one you will want to renew as often as possible. You can also add any product you desire to the water, control the duration and intensity of the massage, and adjust the temperature of the backrest and headrest

Advantage 2 of ThermoMasseur® Baths

Built-in therapies to enhance your overall wellness.

Complete peace of mind

Advantage 3 of ThermoMasseur® Baths

Peace of mind and personal health.

Maintaining your ThermoMasseur unit is totally hassle-free, as the air channels to your bath are automatically drained and dried after each use. The BainUltra air injection system ensures full drainage and completely dry air channels. The slope of the air channel and strategic location of the air jets ensure optimal drainage. Any surplus water is pushed out of the velocity pockets by air pressure during the drying cycle, which automatically activates 10 minutes after a session. A powerful 90-second burst of air dries out the air channel completely.

Clean and simple :
No standing water
Nothing left over from the previous bath

Low-voltage electronic control

Advantage 4 of ThermoMasseur® Baths

Safety by design.

From the grab bars on the bathtub, to the system being able to work safely without water, and our 20-year warranty on the shell and turbine, we have left nothing to chance to ensure your total peace of mind.

No suction, no minimum water level. The BainUltra ThermoMasseur® is the safest system available. Adults and children alike can use it without worry. The system can function without water for hours. There is never any risk to the turbine.

Total peace of mind :
Safe to use for the whole family

Take a look at the different ThermoMasseur collections shown below, and with the help of our Therapy | Design | Architecture Triangle chart, find the ideal one for your personal needs.

Advantage 5 of ThermoMasseur® Baths

A fulfilling experience.

From the moment of purchase in the showroom to our after sales support and service, our team will stop at nothing to make sure your ThermoMasseur unit is always a source of happiness and wellness.

Get some quiet time
The turbine is quiet, so all you’ll hear is the relaxing sound of water action. And we’ve eliminated unpleasant vibrations by literally suspending the turbine. What’s more, it can be installed up to 15 feet away from the bath – even on the floor below!

The simplest system imaginable :
Fast and easy installation
No leaky pipes or valves

The name AMMA comes from the Chinese characters AN and MO, which refer to the notion of massage, of soothing through touch. This series was designed with that very notion in mind. Its soft and relaxing design lines, the position of its air jets and the different accessories available are meant to provide you with the ultimate in relaxation through HydroThermoMassage.